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Let It Go and Allow Free Markets - Stefan

Interview /Speaker Update Column 

'Thinking Mark' Babbitt discusses privacy and it strongly 'coincide with our personal belief to (hide/encrypt) be hidden in CLOUDS underneath this "lying" planet of falsehoods (the fakes). 

Mastercard Technologies and Blockchain Patents

Added Voice to the Event

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I hold intellect property or coin and wish to know what is the best deal offer open. Will negotiate for property west of Mississippi River

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Cloud Currency

Knowledge Base Learning USAmericoin Builder Staging Token Base Economy

  • Conversion Focus We Today Are Exploratory Card Payment Gateway - Pocket Bank Vault And Digital Coin Project

  • Project general purpose payment vouchers for the exchange of goods and services in the blue or red state ecosystem
  • and between IPholders 

  • Preliminary and exclusive investor - driven vouchers and or tokens ecosystem for seriously monetized brand domain name. 

RAIDA Handles More Transactions Per Second Than VISA

Transacts near light-speed, faster than blockchain or any payment system today in existence.

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Welcome to the Cloudcoin Era

 we here are not Cloudcoin consortium and you might prefer strictly to purchase from them 

and then to return visit here anytime and if we have CloudCoins for sale they're all the same. We accept PayPal or USDollars on Credit Card though there is a set coin sale purchase minimum today of 4,000

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